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Tips for choosing "genuine" high-end shapewear


High-quality high-end shapewear can help women improve their figure with high-quality fabrics and design mechanics, combined with professional consulting services. More and more underwear in the market are crowned with the word "function", which is mainly promoted to create a plump bust size, concentrate breast fat, and create a beautiful and attractive bust shape. However, the design and materials of this functional underwear, the quality of the embellishments, and the use of thick cotton or other materials to create breast pads to create a plump breast effect, in fact, these are all misunderstood high-end shapewear .

Long-term wearing of these problematic bras will always cause the fat on the chest to shift. After the fat moves incorrectly, thick back muscles, loose flesh, and underarm breasts will appear, which will not only fail to improve the figure, but also More serious ones will affect human bones and physical and mental health. Three ways to choose "authentic" high-end shapewear: first way: put the underwear bra on the table first, according to the basic principle of mechanics, the high-quality breast cup can stand alone on the table, and it is not easy to deform. On the contrary, bras with collapsed breast cups or different tops and bottoms prove that they are not made according to mechanics.

If the breast cup itself is not good-looking and different, how can the breast shape appear artistically when the breast is put into this kind of breast cup. The second trick: Touch the layered "real product" functional underwear, the layered sense is silky and comfortable, the CNC lathe is exquisite, the human eye can clearly see that the sewing machine thread is smoothly formed into a parallel line, and other accessories such as straps, rigid rings, rubber bands, etc. , It is also very comfortable to touch and fit, ensuring that the sensitive breasts can be protected after wearing, and it is not easy to cause damage. The third trick: professional skills. At present, underwear stores in the market always ask you about the size of the bra you wear every day and the size of the inertia cup. However, professional functional underwear consultants will make a detailed figure and proportion for you. Analyze and discuss with you carefully the content of the report, and then give you technical and professional advice based on the figure you want to create, and recommend suitable functional underwear for you.

Carefully identify "authentic" high-end shapewear? The underwear designer emphasizes the characteristics of "genuine" functional underwear to everyone, and teaches everyone how to distinguish the functional underwear developed with superb technology. It is a crystallization that combines mechanics and aesthetic design. Golden ratio figure of a lady. 1. Mechanical cutting selects underwear bras with patented personal safety three-dimensional cutting, and carefully and accurately calculates the mechanical application of each design plan, such as the width of the straps, the inclination of the rigid ring, etc., so each underwear bra does not add breast pads. Only rely on precise mechanics and inclination to create a plump breast shape. 2. High-quality and high-quality functional underwear materials are made of patented APIS protein silk cloth, which is made of inner layer of mulberry silk wrapped in chemical fibers, and then processed with patented Qingshan spring water. The fabric is as soft as satin , It really has the medicinal effect of improving blood circulation and promoting metabolism.

3. CNC lathe and accessories "genuine goods" functional underwear, all handmade meticulously, underwear and bra accessories up to 58 pieces, rigid ring inclination of more than 10 yards, matching AA, A, B, C, D, E, F , G, H and I breast cups, the lathes are also very delicate, which can show a good breast line. 4. Consulting services Professional underwear consultants can identify whether functional underwear is "genuine". In order to properly teach customers the professional knowledge of underwear clothing, professional consultants need to receive up to 6 months of professional training And after rigorous evaluation, the content goes deep into the study of "professional underwear learning", "the influence of underwear selection on human body and health" and "nutrition" courses.

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