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Tips for wearing and purchasing high-end shapewear


We often see in daily life: Some women are light but have a lot of fat around the waist, or have a slender upper body but a pair of thick legs. Compared with simple fat loss, shaping is a more complicated "engineering project". In the summer when there is nowhere to hide, body shaping underwear is a labor-saving and reasonable shaping weapon.

Next, let us break down the wonderful shaping principles of underwear OEM for all the beautiful and lovely fairies. OEM finished garment production, shapewear or FOB garment processing factory. To receive orders, produce finished products and provide them to corresponding brand owners, or completely export finished products to investors.

Still based on the small and medium-sized business scale, the production line equipment needs to be equipped with electric shears/cutting beds, tail planes/loading, etc., and prepare about 80,000 yuan in advance, and the production line needs to be purchased/cut separately. Staff members of relative units such as checking shirts, ironing and packing. If 20 employees have a starting working capital of about 80,000 yuan, then a total of about 150,000 yuan must be prepared in advance, and small garment factories can basically start operations.

Pure sewing and manufacturing and processing types of garment factories can be opened for as little as 30,000 yuan. If you just want to build a high-end shapewear processing factory, you only need to understand the sewing process, and you can also produce cut pieces with nearby manufacturers that have outsourced processing. We have some very small and medium-sized garment processing factories near Humen, Dongguan, which are in this way. They do not do the cutting and then the whole packaging and other small workshops.

Obesity is the biggest worry for women. In fact, for Apparel Co., Ltd.'s smart shape slimming corset, fat is a valuable source of energy, because it can quickly dissolve excess fat in the waist and abdomen. Part of the excess fat flows to the breasts and buttocks. The loose and deformed breasts and backs due to obesity can be significantly improved, becoming plumper and rounder, so that women can regain a uniform and healthy body shape.

The shape of the body is changed through the compression of the clothes by external forces. This is the simple principle of corsets. But the basic principles can be understood at a glance, which does not mean that there are fewer problems. Questions about corsets are often encountered in the background management. The main question is: Can corsets shape? The answer to OEM for shapewear depends on what aspect you are asking - short term or long term? Short-term shaping is certainly possible.

Corsets have been used by Western women hundreds of years ago to corset and reduce the hips. The purpose is to immediately improve the shape of the body and highlight the effect of contrasting measurements.

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