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Wear shapewear after liposuction!


1. Shape The continuous pressure of the shapewear has a shaping effect on the adipose tissue, thereby helping the skin to quickly recover flat and firm after liposuction. 2.

Fixed The shapewear fixes the fat layer of the skin in the correct position, thereby helping the fat layer to adhere to the deep fat, and avoiding the loosening and sagging of the skin flap after liposuction. 3. oppression Wearing shapewear can help reduce bleeding, prevent bruising and swelling, and speed up recovery time after surgery.

If the shapewear is not worn properly, the effect after liposuction may be greatly reduced, and sometimes the pressure on two parts is not properly worn, which may cause unevenness. Why not lose weight with liposuction? 1. Because there is no time to lose weight The reason why I didn’t lose weight immediately after liposuction is because the body parts were injected with a bulking agent equal to the amount of liposuction before liposuction, and after the operation, there will be blood accumulation in the original fat layer, and the body tissue has not been completely Recovery time, so after liposuction, you will not lose weight immediately.

Some beauty lovers may even be slightly swollen and weigh more than before. Because of the swelling agent and blood accumulation, the body shape of the liposuction recipients has to wait until the swelling has subsided, and then they will gradually become good-looking and their weight will gradually decrease. 2.

Because of not wearing shapewear as required The second reason for not losing weight after liposuction is that beauty lovers do not wear shapewear at the time prescribed by the doctor. Shapewear can fix and compress local tissues after surgery, and can also make swelling disappear as soon as possible, and create a good external shape after liposuction. If you don't dress as required, you will definitely not lose weight after liposuction.

How long should I wear shapewear after liposuction? Generally speaking, shapewear should be worn for about 3 months, 24 hours a day for the first month, and only half a day for the next two months. The shapewear will be tight at first, but as the liposuction area recovers, the shapewear will loosen up and you can stop wearing it. As a professional wholesale waist trainer and shapewear supplier in China, Crazsweat offers the best shapewear, waist trainer wholesale for wordlwide customers.

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