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What are the anti-light artifacts for OEM of body clothing?


Clothes that show too much breasts, this kind of love and fear of dressing complex, really makes people hesitant, so the idea of ​​how to cover the chest collar of OEM bodysuits that are too low, came out. After nagging so much, how can the collar of the clothes be too low to cover it? The chest collar of this kind of clothes is too low, that is to say, the chest is too exposed. When worn on the body, the main reason is that the underwear inside is not easy to hide. Of course, some people feel that it is not suitable for their usual dressing style Adapt, because I don't take the big sexy route, I just want a little sexy. Body shaping OEM tube top, also called corset, is a kind of bra without cups. It has the effect of shaping breasts.

Tube tops are not like underwear bras, they generally have no shoulder straps, like a piece of cloth around the bust size, short tube tops are like underwear bras, long tube tops can be worn as tops, and can also be used as no shoulder straps camisole. Generally speaking, tube tops are more popular in summer. One of its most important functions is to prevent exposure, bring you safety and comfort, and at the same time show femininity. The matching method of tube top is also one of the dressing methods that women must understand and master.

Under normal circumstances, when wearing underwear bras or underwear ODM, it is unnecessary to wear a tube top, but in order to avoid problems such as transparent clothes or large collar openings, it is best to wear a tube top. Tube top, it can have the effect similar to safety pants, so that you no longer have scruples in every move, and you don't need to be careful about the problem of dew point. However, I believe that many women are unwilling to wear underwear and a tube top even when they feel hot even if they wear a piece of underwear in summer. So what can be done to solve this problem: wearing invisible underwear inside a tube top or The chest sticker is a very good choice, so that there is no strap restraint when wearing it, that is, it is easy and beautiful, and you don't have to worry about the dew point.

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