What are the underwear sales skills?


1. If the brand knowledge likes the underwear brand shopping guide, there will be sales enthusiasm. The Z foundation is to allow shopping guides to fully learn and recognize the brand. Will a lingerie salesperson sell a brand if she doesn't even know where the products she's selling come from? Let the shopping guide have confidence in the brand to complete the basic steps.

2. Underwear basics If you don't understand underwear, you shouldn't sell underwear, let alone underwear consultants. Only when you have mastered the basic knowledge of underwear can you get started. 3. Underwear display Knowledge display is very important in the apparel industry.

Effective displays can create obvious sales opportunities for a store, especially draw attention to kitchen window displays. The display of underwear products is to sell services, not just to look good. 4. Underwear sales skills and shopping guide knowledge learning is not feasible without practice, it will only end in vain.

After understanding the basic underwear knowledge, you also need to know how to sell underwear products. Sales skills are a knowledge point that is constantly practiced. How to receive? How to introduce? how to ask? How to answer? Everyone has to practice one move at a time.

5. Underwear service skills Underwear shopping guide is a service position, which is recognized by customers through good attitude, skilled actions, professional knowledge, and intimate service. Mastering basic service skills can meet the main requirements of sales, and can handle daily sales work . 6. Knowledge of operation process Each store has its own operating habits or processes, and the operation process is also one of the trends in daily work process, sales process, order process, display process, inventory process, return process, collection process, promotion process, etc. Some performance can be improved by optimizing the process. For example, additional sales can increase sales, but shopping guides often forget that if sales process exercises are not missed.

If you want to be proficient and make fewer mistakes, you must practice flow. 7. Etiquette knowledge The clothing, decoration, behavior, manners, spirit, personal hygiene and other external performances of shopping guides at work will leave good or bad impressions on customers. Master the etiquette standards and code of conduct, how to communicate with others, how to present your own image, and enter the intermediate stage of professional shopping guide.

8. Consumer psychological knowledge This is a higher-level knowledge, which is generally explained through professional books and training teachers, and then practice, repeated practice and thinking, generally can judge various consumer psychological activities more accurately, and the sales success rate will increase , which requires the shopping guide to have confidence and love for this post. 9. Clothing matching knowledge In the sales process, the shopping guide often judges the customer's taste and preferences through the outer clothing, and recommends underwear that suits her, so as to increase the success rate of sales. Especially in spring and summer, thin clothes need to be matched with outerwear.

If shopping guides have better knowledge of clothing collocation, they can serve as clothing consultants for customers, and successful sales become a natural thing, which also requires shopping guides to be confident and passionate about this position, otherwise they have no motivation to learn this level . 10. She has a high level of marketing planning knowledge and can provide suggestions for the operation of the store, which shows that she works very hard. This kind of shopping guide often has the potential of a store manager.

Getting to this level requires a good understanding of the fundamentals, better sales performance, and a desire to increase sales. It is very important to read more books, refer more to competitors, learn more from stores in other regions, and attend more training sessions. 11. People with store management ability can master many knowledge points, such as how to manage goods, how to manage people, and how to manage stores.

This cannot be mastered in a month or two. It takes longer time, a better attitude, harder study and work, and good grades. This type of shopping guide is often the standard for in-store elites and professional shopping guides.

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