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What are the disadvantages of not wearing custom underwear?


Do underwear matter? The answer is self-evident and very important. As clothes that can last a woman's life, the necessity of underwear is obvious, especially modern women attach great importance to beauty, and wearing underwear has undoubtedly become a way. The emergence of all kinds of customized underwear is overwhelming, but there are still many women who do not realize the necessity of wearing customized underwear. The following custom manufacturers of body shaping underwear will take everyone to understand. Body shaping underwear customization summarizes three disadvantages of not wearing customized underwear: 1. Sagging The fat in our breasts is fluid. If you wear too large steel ring underwear for a long time, it is easy to cause sagging, because everyone knows The main function of underwear is support, and because the steel ring of underwear is too large to meet the root of the breast, it cannot support our breasts.

For breasts that cannot be supported, due to the influence of force, the Cooper tendon and skin will be lengthened, and sagging will occur in the long run. Once sagging occurs, even if you wear the right underwear, it will not help, because this sagging is irreversible. 2. Expansion Originally, the shape of breasts is normal, but many girls see that their breasts grow to both sides, and they feel that they have expansion when they see that their breasts are not formed. It is recommended to choose push-up underwear to forcibly change it, but you don't know that push-up underwear is the culprit for the expansion.

In order to make your breasts more concentrated, push-up underwear generally adopts a design with a thin top and a thick bottom, and our breasts are very sensitive. After wearing such underwear, the original shape in the lower hemisphere The breast is compressed to the upper hemisphere, and the original upper hemisphere breast is squeezed outside the cup. After a long time, when we take off the push-up underwear, we will find that the original breast enlargement and beautiful breasts are more expanded. Because the skin around your breasts is stretched and loose, it leads to a situation of gathering and expanding. . 3. Accessory breasts are fluid. If we wear underwear that is too small, the fat in the breasts will be squeezed. At this time, the fat outside the steel ring will be squeezed into the armpits and back. Of course, the condition of auxiliary milk will be produced.

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