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What are the effects of wearing inappropriate underwear on the body?


There are two sides to wearing underwear for women in life, because if you choose the right underwear, there will be no harm to the chest, and it can also play a role in health care, but if you wear the wrong underwear, it will cause harm. Don't dare to wear any kind of underwear at will. Underwear is an important personal clothing for women, which will affect women's health and cannot be ignored. So what problems will inappropriate women's underwear cause to the body? 1. Thin straps threaten the cervical spine. Underwear styles are diversified now, but some styles make women prematurely threatened by cervical spondylosis. Especially the thin straps of some underwear, it will cause the muscles of the shoulders and back of the human body to age prematurely in varying degrees, which is what is called clinically."bra syndrome".

The occurrence of this symptom is not only related to the thin straps of the underwear, but also the small size of the underwear is also one of the reasons. Underwear that is too small is like wearing a thin iron wire on the skin. When the human body performs a series of activities, the underwear will frequently rub against the skin in a small range. As time goes by, these muscles will be overtired and appear Aging phenomenon. 2. Too tight or too loose will lead to breast hyperplasia. It is known that most breast diseases are caused by inappropriate bras, because there are many rich blood vessels and lymphatic nerves distributed on the breasts, and their function is to provide breast nutrition and metabolism. effect.

However, if the bra is too small, it will affect blood circulation and supply, causing breast ischemia and spasm, which will lead to breast hyperplasia. 3. Chest compression threatens cardiopulmonary function. Some women buy tight underwear for the sake of beauty, because it can make their breasts appear bigger. Cause oppression, resulting in chest tightness, shortness of breath, etc., seriously affecting cardiopulmonary function. Therefore, the discomfort of women's underwear will also affect the health of the body, and even cause diseases. Pay attention, so when you choose underwear, you can choose suitable underwear that is beneficial to protect health and reduce the damage of some diseases.

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