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What are the solutions to the deformation of underwear?


Underwear, as women's underwear, is mostly worn every day. Regarding the choice of underwear, many women will first choose pure cotton underwear. Although it is comfortable to wear, it is very easy to deform when washed. How to solve this situation? And clothing-underwear ODM, underwear Manufacturers of OEM processing, sunscreen mask customization, and underwear OEM customization have a look together: Next, we must understand the reasons for the deformation of underwear! Many people's understanding is to air dry or spin dry underwear immediately after washing, but in fact this is also wrong. This is very easy to deform the underwear. The correct way is to first use a dry towel to fully absorb the water on the underwear. After absorbing it, we will cool the underwear so that it will not deform.

After the underwear is made, everyone needs to look at how to store and stretch it. Many people will distort the underwear if it is placed casually, so when stretching, the wireless underwear can fold one cup into the other cup, and then put the shoulder straps and back into the lining. In this way, the soft and comfortable underwear will not be easily deformed.

There is also a situation that if the bra has steel wires, you only need to stretch it flat, and the underwear can be folded into a round strip, which is easy to organize. This not only saves space for us, but also makes clothes more compact when stored. to be orderly. For some girls who like to wear fashionable sports underwear, they can be washed in the washing machine, but they should still be avoided to be dried in the dryer. In addition, underwear OEM manufacturers expressed their attention to the following aspects: 1. Check the underwear before cleaning the underwear. Hook to fabric in process.

2. When washing, first dissolve the neutral detergent in warm water at 30°C-40°C before putting down the clothes. After soaking for a while, pat them gently with your hands. Don't scrub hard to prevent the fabric from being damaged. 3. When cleaning, rinse off the lotion completely. 4. Do not use fabric softener after washing to avoid damaging the elastic fibers of underwear.

5. After washing, you can't shake it with your hands. You can only wrap it in a dry towel and squeeze it with your hands. After the towel absorbs the water, flatten the underwear to its original shape. If it is a bust size, comb the cup shape well. 6. Exposure to the sun can easily cause mildew and discoloration of clothes, so underwear can only be dried in a cool, naturally ventilated place. 7. The wet bra should be hung at the point between the cup and the cup. Do not hang the shoulder straps because the weight of the water will lengthen the shoulder straps.

Why does underwear turn yellow? If there is bleach on your hands or on the laundry tub when washing underwear, the color will fade if you touch it, so be careful when washing clothes. In addition, if the underwear is not fully rinsed with enough water after washing, unnecessary lotion remains on the clothes, which will also cause the underwear to turn yellow. Underwear that has been exposed to the sun can also turn yellow.

How to clean stains on underwear. Underwear should be cleaned as soon as possible if it is soiled. The longer the time, the more difficult it will be for the stain to penetrate the connective tissue of the material.

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