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What does underwear mean to you?


With the new era, many perspectives are changing. For women, lingerie is no longer a small piece of clothing worn under clothing to avoid shame. They not only have to shape, but also look good.

The design of underwear should not only shape the delicate figure, but also match the clothes. At first, it was just to shape the chest, make the chest look fuller and straighter, and get rid of the nickname of "airport". For the overall effect, most people will choose to wear underwire underwear, but after wearing underwire underwear for a long time, it is inevitable that there will be red marks, even if it fits well, it is difficult to avoid.

Moreover, wearing underwire underwear for a long time is not good for the breasts, it will compress the axillary lymphatic system and increase the probability of breast hyperplasia. Many women who love beauty will think, how can underwear without steel rings hold up the breasts without drooping? In fact, the supporting force of the underwear is not the steel ring, but the structure of the whole cup, so the underwear without the steel ring has no supporting force. And because the force is dispersed, the comfort will be higher.

Just as each of us is an independent individual in this world, each person's personality and figure are different, and the breast shape will naturally be different. Therefore, everyone's "good breast status" will be different. For example, some people will have a higher position, and some people will have a lower position.

Some people have a large horizontal area, while others are small and three-dimensional, each with its own charm. Comfortable, heavy-duty, stylish. In fact, experts have already considered these problems.

In order to make women more elegant and beautiful, professionals have paid a lot of thought. For the comfort and health of women, steel-free underwear was born: the integrated mold cup can remove the steel ring, and the integrated structure of the cup surface and the pull-down can play an overall role, instead of a single steel ring, making a large cup without rims. Even plump women can wear it without steel rings, and the gathering effect is also very good! As a girl, from the beginning of development, she will be accompanied by a corset all her life.

And breast health is an issue we must pay attention to.

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