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What everyone needs to know about waist training.


Waist trainer. We've all heard of it, but what is it? Some sources believe it was the process of wearing a corset, tightening the waist over time to create the hourglass shape of the dream hour. Although waist training and corsets are used interchangeably, and although they are related, they are "not the same thing at all.

" As the waist trainer supplier explains, "waist training gradually reduces the natural size of the waist," while corsets "are more commonly used for clothing or entertainment." Below, we break down the history of waist training, modern examples from the pop culture realm, and how it affects the body. Where does waist training come from? The history of corsets is complicated.

The corset was the most popular garment during Queen Elizabeth's reign and was a symbol of nobility, but once the French Revolution took place, many abandoned the trend toward looser clothing that represented emancipation, according to a West Virginia University historical exhibit. In other words, people want freedom! Doctors have opposed corsets since the 1800s. I mean, can you blame them? Corsets can cause various health risks, such as breathing difficulties and organ displacement.

According to the Royal College of Surgeons, "From the 16th century to the early 19th century, the corset was an integral part of women's (and some men's) clothing. In fact, women of noble birth had to wear the corset and were aspired to be women's Used by women. Stylish silhouette.

" As the Royal College of Surgeons explains, corsets used to be made of "a sturdy fabric with bone or metal inserts". In 1828, France introduced metal holes for belts to tighten the waist, "sometimes up to 17 inches". It's just me now, or does it sound painful? So how popular is the idea of ​​corsets and waist training in the 21st century? Well, to put it simply: they are back in fashion due to a shared desire by many celebrities and influencers to embody and promote the hourglass shape.

Our Waist Trainer uses smooth and delicate fabrics, has a chest brace that complements the shape of the bust, and its back can be controlled with a ribbon. You don't have to worry about your waistline being too tight. There are baffles on the inside to prevent the clothes worn inside from being seen.

In some suitable occasions, our waist trainer can also be matched with clothing, such as going to a party, with a dress, or borrowing our models, with a French dress, must be beautiful and elegant, everyday wear will surprise you! As a professional wholesale waist trainer supplier in China, Crazsweat offers the best custom waist trainer for wordlwide customers. Welcome to inquire about waist trainer wholesale price, we are the best choice of shapewear manufacturer.

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