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What is the difference between underwear choices at different stages?


We are usually not interested in the ordinary people or things around us, but we don't know that those people or things that are around us for a long time are worthy of our attention. Just like underwear, in a certain situation, it is like air, and women are basically inseparable. At different stages of life, women's choice of underwear is also different.

Today, let's find out together, when do women have to wear underwear? What is the difference in underwear selection at each stage? Before puberty, girls do not need to wear underwear before they enter puberty, and their breasts have not yet developed. In fact, there is no need to wear underwear. Prepubertal period: when girls first menstruate, their breasts gradually develop. Gradually, the chest gradually has a little curve but the protrusion is not too high. At this time, you can wear simple wrapping girl underwear. The structure of this type of underwear is very simple. Cotton pads are used to avoid bumps.

At this stage, due to the development of the chest and the acceleration of the circulatory system, underwear with rigid rings cannot be worn. From the middle of puberty to the middle of puberty, some girls' breasts are relatively round and round, and they start to feel obvious shaking when walking or trembling. Girls' underwear can no longer meet the daily support protection and requirements. At this moment, you can continue to choose underwear dedicated to beauties.

This kind of underwear is generally pure and cute in style, and some contain rigid rings. The price of this kind of underwear is relatively low, and the quality is also very unstable. But for a little girl who has already developed, the size of underwear is often changed, and she has to change after wearing it for a short time, so it is not a big problem. For some girls whose breast development is relatively backward, there is no need to feel ashamed about it, and there is no need to follow suit when seeing people of the same age change into better underwear. The most important thing is to follow their own physical development. The sense of rhythm goes.

During the period from the end of puberty to the age of 25, the growth of children may have stopped. But breasts will continue to develop, so for women whose breast development is far from ideal, it can still be recovered at such a stage. Of course, this is not absolute. Some people's breast development is relatively slow, and they can continue to develop after the age of 25, but the speed is relatively slow.

At this time, the internal organs of the breasts continue to grow, and the fat increases to make the breasts more plump, and the nipples and breasts will become more prominent. This stage of development lays the foundation for breastfeeding. Because the breasts are constantly developing, the number of underwear changes is also relatively high. Generally, it is changed every three months to half a year. The quality of the underwear can be better.

When you feel that the underwear is slightly pressed against the cup, you can change it. From the age of 25 to the stage of pregnancy preparation, some women have already entered the pregnancy period, but let's not talk about this situation for the time being, let's talk about the phenomenon of infertility and infertility. At this stage, the chest basically stops developing, and the size is basically stable.

The best time for chest shape, physical condition, and all aspects of condition. Therefore, you can start to buy more expensive and well-known brands. Generally speaking, for girls with relatively stable weight, the size of underwear is fixed and does not need to be changed frequently.

During the menstrual period, the chest changes significantly, so you can prepare an extra size. If the weight fluctuations are more constant, you can wait until it stabilizes to a certain stage before resetting the underwear. During the growth period and pregnancy, due to the influence of weight gain, breast milk weight and changes in hormone levels, breast changes are obvious.

Especially in early pregnancy, the breasts swell very obviously, so underwear should be changed frequently. If the body can bear it at this time, you can wear rigid underwear. Although underwear is often replaced, it is recommended to wear underwear with high cost performance, because at this time, the reflection of the chest no matter the appearance design or internal structure is very different from the past, better underwear can better protect the chest .

During breastfeeding, it is imperative to have several nursing underwear on hand for maintenance. In terms of choice, it is recommended to choose one with better support and a larger range of adjustable lower circumference, so that it can adapt to the size change of the chest. After pregnancy, the condition of the breasts of women in the middle and late stages of growth is significantly worse than before.

Some people have to take care of their children and don't have so much time and energy to restore their figure, and some simply don't want to manage their breast shape anymore, but women really need to pay attention to their own body, especially breast repair. First of all, underwear can not be saved. Better underwear, even if it can't completely reverse the deformation of the breast shape, but it is still necessary to choose better underwear to prevent the chest from sagging and sagging from a more serious perspective.

At this moment, the metabolism of women will slow down, and the weight will gradually increase. It is unlikely that the cup cover will be lifted, but the lower girth is indeed likely to increase, so you can prepare some increase buttons to meet the change in body shape. In terms of underwear style, you need to choose multi-functional underwear, which can help restore your figure after childbirth. Female Menopause During female menopause, menstruation gradually decreases to amenorrhea.

The chest will also begin to shrink, and the internal structure of the breast tissue will gradually shrink. The elasticity of the chest is lacking. At this time, choose thin underwear with thick top and bottom to support the chest, so as to keep the clothes tall and straight, which is not unsightly. Women's "inside" some essential things are waiting with them, and it takes a little more care to release a nobler, more leisurely and unique aura from the "inside" to the outside~.

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