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What is the difference between girls' underwear and adult underwear?


Adolescent girls are in the development stage, so they should not put too much pressure on the chest, so as not to affect the normal development of the chest. The activeness and liveliness of adolescent girls determines the comfort of girls' underwear, and the sense of movement must be good and strong. However, due to backward concepts, our country lacks education and popularization in this regard.

For a long time, most girls in the developmental stage wear small-sized adult underwear, and the breast development of girls is different from that of adults. Inappropriate underwear will affect the normal development of breasts, and in severe cases, it will cause breast dysplasia, sagging and expansion, and some will cause breast diseases due to breast quality problems. When there is demand, there is market.

With the subdivision of the underwear industry, a new industry has emerged, girls underwear. Many companies pay attention to the good development prospects of girls' underwear and invest in this field one after another. Some girls' underwear brands, such as Kewayi, Guge, Gryffindor, etc., came into being.

However, many people still can't tell the difference between adult underwear and girls' underwear. Today, let us popularize science for everyone. So, what is the difference between teenage underwear and adult underwear? 1. The difference in fabrics.

One of the differences between adult underwear and girls underwear is the material of the underwear. Because girls' skin is particularly delicate and requires careful care and good moisture absorption and breathability, it can be said that the material of girls' underwear is very simple. There are significant limitations.

Adult underwear is different and has a wide range of materials, including pure cotton, lace, gauze, and modal fabrics. Various fabrics meet different needs. 2. The design style of underwear.

Girls' underwear is generally simple and light in style, and different underwear is made according to the development of different girls. Because girls are in the developmental stage, there should be enough space for breasts to grow, so girls' underwear rarely use steel rings. So as not to affect the breast development.

There are a variety of styles of adult underwear, including push-up, steel ring without steel ring, seamless underwear, home clothes, etc. These are also designed to meet different needs and provide women with different options for beauty and health. 3. Underwear color.

The girl's innocent and lovely personality needs to be matched with fashionable and beautiful light colors. Soft colors such as pink, sky blue, and milky white are the favorites of girls' underwear, and childlike and romantic designs such as small flowers, small cakes, and lace are very popular among girls. In addition to the sweet and lovely series, many adult underwear are mature in design, passionate red, sexy black, elegant purple and so on.

, Exquisite embroidery shows femininity. It can be seen that there is a big difference between girls' underwear and adult underwear. If you want to take good care of your breasts, you should start with girlhood.

Don't refuse to wear a bra because you're shy or afraid of trouble. When the breasts are developing, especially at the age of 15-16, it is a good time to shape the breasts. Girls should choose professional girls' underwear and take good care of their breasts so that they can bloom like flowers! .

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