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What is the role of the heart of the underwear?


The role of the chicken heart is actually very simple. In order to better connect the underwear of the two cups, of course, some underwear does not have a heart position (this will be mentioned later). There is also the role of fixing the breast, which is to protect the breast.

In fact, the entire underwear ODM design is mainly for this purpose. Then there are many decorations in the hearts of many chickens to add sexiness and beauty. Generally speaking, the higher the position of the heart, the stronger the supporting capacity.

Girls with large breasts are more suitable for underwear with a high heart position. Relatively speaking, underwear with a high heart position has strong support, and the underwear is not easy to run around, which can meet the breast protection needs of large-breasted girls. Girls with small breasts are best to choose underwear with a low center position, especially girls with a small chest distance.

Because if this kind of girl wears underwear with a high center position, it is easy to run up with a little movement. The center position is generally relatively hard, and girls with small breasts do not need too much support, which will oppress the chest and easily cause chest pain. The width and narrowness of the chicken heart position The choice of the width of the chicken heart position mainly depends on the distance between the breasts. To put it simply, the bigger the breasts, the smaller the spacing, because the breasts of these girls will naturally gather to form a cleavage, so you can choose underwear with a narrow heart.

And girls with small breasts can choose some underwear with a wide heart, because basically the underwear with a narrow heart has a gathering function, and girls with small breasts can easily wear empty cups. However, the choice of chicken heart position should not be too wide. Many European and American women choose loose underwear with thick breasts because the frame is large, which can easily cause breast expansion and zero tight fit. This kind of underwear is definitely the gospel for girls with small breasts.

Lingxin underwear mainly includes triangle cups, bikinis, and bralette underwear. The design is light and breathable, especially suitable for summer wear. Many girls find it difficult to gather and adjust their underwear, so they take it off when they get home. And this underwear makes us fly.

It doesn't matter if you wear it or not. really comfortable. So the next time you choose an underwear ODM, pay more attention to the small details of the heart position, and the comfort and functionality will be greatly improved.

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