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What kind of person is suitable for wearing a bra with inserts?


I don’t know if you have seen a hole in the cup of the bra, and some of them also have a small piece of dumpling or melon seed-shaped spacer inside. This is the bra insert, also called the breast pad. The most intuitive and reasonable function is to raise the chest. Create a full visual impact. In addition, it can also play a role in avoiding chest deformation and correcting breast shape. According to materials, the most common are cotton pads and pure soft pads. In addition, there are unilateral essential oil chest pads, general water bag inserts, inflatable inserts, silicone These are the rubber inserts. Insert thickness specifications and models generally range from 8-15mm.

01 What kind of person is suitable for wearing a bra with inserts ① The size of the chest is symmetrical from the outside to the left and right, but due to acquired hazards such as lifestyle, there are often slight differences in the development of the left and right sides of the human body. The same goes for breasts, many women's breasts are not the same size. Wearing a lingerie bra can be awkward when your breasts are different sizes.

When purchasing bras, people buy underwear bras according to their larger breasts, while smaller breasts will easily lead to empty cups. At this time, it is necessary to insert a piece to fill the vacated space. ②The breasts are petite and exquisite. When the breasts are petite and exquisite, and I like plump and round breasts, inserting pads will come in handy.

③Breast slack inserts can support the breasts from the bottom of the breasts, similar to a molded cup underwear bra with a thin top and a thick bottom, which can effectively relieve sagging and decorate the breast shape. ④ Avoid protruding points Some bras are very thin and easy to protrude. Adding inserts can avoid the embarrassment of bumps.

02Is the bra with inserts the same as other thick cups and its thin top and bottom bottom? Generally speaking, bras with inserts are dominated by Pu style bras (cup thickness 3-6mm). It's just that it achieves the chest effect in the form of activities that can be freely disassembled. But if the cup cover is not with you, the inserts may be out of place due to daily activities. 03Which is better, a bra with inserts or without inserts? In fact, I didn't say which one is better, I can only say which one is more suitable.

For women with petite breasts, both of them can adjust and decorate the breast shape. The insert is relatively flexible and can be removed or placed according to one's own needs. Like many girls, when they have their period, their breasts will increase a little, and the bra will not match the change of breast shape.

If the bra has inserts, you can use it to let the chest go through the menstrual period safely. For women with large breasts, the effect is not very obvious whether to add inserts or not. Built-in inserts, you can add or subtract inserts according to your personal needs, you can get a perfect breast shape without deliberately squeezing your breasts. Long-term wear can effectively adjust the underarm auxiliary breasts, avoid loosening and expanding, and restore breast shape.

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