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What kind of shapewear should people of different body types wear?


Women really love and hate adjustable underwear. The effect of wearing shapewear seems to make women forget all discomfort. No matter what kind of place we are in, when we walk into the wedding hall, we will also Or ordinary postpartum mothers in life, they must make themselves beautiful, healthy and comfortable. No matter what kind of body shaping clothes you choose, Crazsweat also has recommendations and tips to tell you! 1, TO weight loss group Don't push all the responsibility for weight loss to your underwear adjustment. Only with corresponding exercise and diet regulation can you completely eliminate your fat. Recommended style: Tailor-made underwear: You can customize suitable adjustable underwear according to your personal body shape and special needs, and some manufacturers even provide unlimited modification services.

Crazsweat Tip: Never use crazy weight loss methods. Under the supervision of shapewear 24 hours a day. Experts point out that shapewear should not be worn all day long. It is generally worn during the day and must be taken off at night so that the body can breathe freely.

2, TO newlywed bride You really need a piece of underwear like this on that big day, because the instant corset effect can make you have a more perfect wedding. Recommended style: Vest-style underwear: It can enhance the bust line, shape the plump breasts and modify the waist. It is especially useful for brides who choose tight-fitting wedding dresses. Deepening cleavage effect underwear: Deepening cleavage visual effect underwear, in the part of the chest pad, the pads, water bags and other materials are strengthened to make the breasts look more plump, very suitable for brides with flat chests.

Crazsweat Tips: In order to ensure the fit of the adjustable underwear, try to buy it one month before the wedding, and try it on a week before the wedding. Wonderful! 3, TO keep in shape In terms of maintaining body shape, adjustable underwear is really a good helper, which can prevent your fat from growing indiscriminately, effectively prevent the dissociation of fat, and maintain a perfect curve at all times. Recommended style: back-style underwear: For people who sit and work all day, back-style adjustment underwear can effectively prevent the occurrence of lower abdomen and reduce the possibility of hunchback. Crazsweat Tips: Wearing body shaping underwear and scientific adjustment techniques can make the body shaping effect more guaranteed.

The key to adjusting the bra is to transfer the fat from the arms, underarms, and back to the cups. When adjusting the shapewear, you should pay attention to transferring the excess fat from the inner and outer thighs to the buttock cup. 4, TO postpartum mother group In order to restore her devil figure in a short period of time, Xiao S made a crazy weight-loss plan. She took a three-pronged approach from sports, clothing and diet, and spent a lot of money on tailor-made adjustable underwear. It is said that the underwear can not only effectively shape the body, but also reduce the waist and abdomen cellulite, and even helps eliminate stretch marks. Recommended style: Adjustable three-piece suit: The bra, vest and girdle included in the three-piece set can manage your fat in an all-round way, which is perfect for new mothers.

Crazsweat Tips: The size of the adjustable underwear must be selected appropriately. For new mothers who have not worn shapewear in the past, do not choose tight underwear for the first time. Generally, the first three days are the adaptation period for shapewear. In addition, we should pay attention to the selection of underwear made of light and thin fabrics that absorb sweat, breathe, and have good elasticity. .

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