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Shapewear has been a game-changer in women’s fashion, helping women achieve a smooth, toned look to their bodies. While it's no secret that shapewear can help create a seamless silhouette under any outfit, figuring out what kind to wear can be overwhelming. With so many different types of shapewear out there, how do you choose the right one? Here, we will explore the top types of shapewear available and help guide you towards what’s best for your body type. 1. Bodysuits: One-Piece Wonder Bodysuits are an all-in-one option that smoothens and streamlines your silhouette. They work by shaping the torso, hips, and thighs, creating a slimmer look. A bodysuit can be worn under virtually any outfit—form-fitting dresses, jeans and a blouse, or even a loose-fitting top. When choosing a bodysuit, select one with a high waistline to help slim down the tummy area for an hourglass shape. It is important to choose a bodysuit with wide straps to prevent them from falling off your shoulders and ensure maximum comfort. 2. High-Waisted Briefs: Tummy Tuck High-waisted briefs are the answer to those looking to target the lower abdomen area. They are designed to tackle love handles and muffin tops while remaining discreet under clothing. The high-waisted briefs come with an added bonus of providing full rear coverage, resulting in a smoother, lifted bum. We recommend selecting briefs with a seamless design and a comfortable waistband to avoid unwanted digging or rolling. 3. Shaping Shorts: Leg Up Shaping shorts are the solution to those who find themselves struggling with thigh chafing and friction while wearing dresses and skirts. They provide a seamless look and do not create an unwanted bulge at the waist. Shaping shorts are also effective in smoothing the thighs, hips, and tummy. It's important to ensure that the shorts have a non-slip silicone panel on the leg to keep the shorts in place all day long. 4. Waist Cinchers: Hourglass Hype Waist cinchers provide instant slimming of the waist and tummy area, creating an hourglass shape. They are ideal for those looking for more shaping when wearing dresses, skirts, and blouses. Cinchers are available in both over and under bust styles. Selecting the right size is crucial, as it should not be so tight that it creates unwanted bulges or discomfort. 5. Camisoles: Smooth and Sleek Camisoles are an excellent option when you want to create a smoother look around the bust, arms, and torso. They also provide additional coverage when wearing low-cut tops. Choose a camisole that is seamless, with wider straps to avoid slipping, and provides adequate compression. Final Thoughts Shapewear options are plentiful and cater to different concerns. Before choosing the right piece of shapewear, it is important to understand the different body types and desired effect. Ensure that shapewear is not too tight, as it may create unwanted bulging or discomfort. Select shapewear that suits the occasion, garment, and comfort level. Remember, confidence is key, and shapewear can only enhance the beauty that you already possess.

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