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Which are the incorrect ways to wear OEM bras, have you been tricked?


Wearing OEM bras is normal for women, but if you don’t know the correct way to wear an OEM bra, it will be harmful to your body. It is very important to learn how to wear underwear well if you want to ensure a good body shape. Today I will show you The incorrect way of wearing OEM bras often occurs to beauties, so avoid them as soon as possible! Improper wearing of OEM bras 1 Hang the sling on the shoulder without the hook, tie the hook on the front of the body, and then turn the cup cover to the Wearing the method, it is easy to make the position of the bottom and the steel ring shift and move, so it is not correct. Baggy underwear is as bad for your body shape as it is for not wearing them. Another reason for wearing underwear incorrectly is that you want to have a clear line and wear a tight bra.

Overly tight bras can scratch the body, in effect cutting the breast or buttocks into two unsightly halves, resulting in fleshy breasts and buttocks. After a period of time, the muscles cut outside the underwear due to the tight beam will gradually sink down. Wearing the bra incorrectly OEM2 is good at connecting the side of the chest to the cup, and the breast structure that is loose under the armpit is connected to the cup, and at the same time, use the other hand to pull the bottom of the underwear in the opposite direction, so that Receive the bust as a whole into the cup.

If you ignore the different styles of underwear and their specific functions, then such beautiful things will slowly eat up your beautiful figure. Everyone's body shape is not the same. Experienced designers will design bras with different functions for these different body shapes, such as all-inclusive bras, oblique wraps, and half bras. The packaging is repaired, or with lining, without lining, some linings use steel wire, and separate them into different lengths and widths. If we only see the color of the underwear, or only want to be attracted by the lace pattern, we may choose the wrong style.

There are many styles of underwear, and depending on its function, there will be triangles, quadrangles and pentagons in shape. There are also differences in the number of trouser belts. Wearing the OEM bra incorrectly Fit the edge of the underwear with the breast bulge, overlap the most obvious part of the bra OEM with the breast, and then cover the upper end of the breast, so that the breast bulge is covered.

If the length from the bottom to the bulge is not consistent with the relative height of the chest, this place will not be comfortable. The essence of bra OEM is to have diversity, so that it can effectively support the breasts and buttocks. Sometimes, bra OEMs do not have these characteristics, and it involves the materials that make up the underwear and the way the raw materials are constructed.

Using knitwear to arrange materials, no matter the materials used are silk, cotton, chemical fiber, or blended fabrics, will cause them to produce strong stretching force, which is what we habitually call The extensibility of the knitted fabric of the double-layer structure is stronger than that of the single-sided one. Improperly wearing the bra OEM4 Pull back the shoulder buckle of the strap, the cup can be stabilized in the correct position. Generally, the front part of the sling shoulder buckle is made of non-retractable material, and the back part is made of elastic plastic material.

This is the fundamental reason why it won't slip off even when you take a deep breath.

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