Who is suitable to wear adjustable underwear?


So who is suitable to wear adjustable underwear? Apparel-Underwear OEM Bodywear OEM underwear ODM underwear OEM processing manufacturers talk to everyone: there is no inherent clothes rack in the world, most women will have body troubles, and some are mainly manifested in growth Uneven development and asymmetry of the two breasts, some of which are manifested in petite and exquisite breasts, and some of which are caused by the growth of underarm auxiliary breasts due to wearing unfit underwear, etc., and with the increase of age, the human bone structure gradually becomes embrittled and stretches Sexual decline, and affected by gravity and other factors, the chest gradually sags and sags. Generally, the relaxation rate is about 20 degrees every ten years. The fat in the buttocks gradually spreads to the thighs, resulting in flattened buttocks and thickened thighs. Wide these. Therefore, if the body growth is normal, you only need to wear fitting underwear and maintain a good curve. If the growth is not very cheerful, you need to wear adjustable underwear that suits you, and rely on external forces to shape and fix Does not move body fat. Women aged 25-50 generally need to wear well-fitting adjustable underwear, relying on the unique function of adjustable underwear to maintain their own curves.

The design of adjustable underwear for underwear OEM manufacturers combines female body medicine, body aesthetics, body fat dispersion, ergonomics and body mechanics, and is a new type of underwear developed by professional underwear design studios. After careful calculation and design by the designers, the adjustable type can maintain and adjust the body, concentrate and fix fat, and straighten the spine and correct the body shape. Adjustable underwear also uses some unique materials, and develops anti-ultraviolet materials. In addition to being decorative and beautiful, silk stockings can also prevent varicose veins, and even add fruit acids and vitamins, which are relatively suitable for women. In the hope of the figure curve, the adjustable underwear can better meet the requirements of women.

The difference from ordinary underwear is that ordinary underwear only shows your original figure, while adjustable underwear can decorate people with unideal figures and keep people with ideal figures in good shape.

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