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Who needs to wear body shaping underwear?


Why do thin people have to wear body shaping underwear? The following clothing--underwear customization will introduce to you: 1. What is the basic principle of body shaping underwear? Answer: Women's fat can be circulated. Mechanics, body bionics, medicine, aesthetics, and fat freeing are designed according to the golden section ratio that women's bodies in different periods should have. She can correctly guide the growth direction of fat, and will lose, move, and relax Fat return, strengthen sweating in many ways. The effect of massage can promote blood circulation, activate fat cells, assist lymphatic detoxification, and make fat burn, dissolve and disappear. Long-term wearing can make body fat effectively store and balance According to the "golden ratio" of body shaping, it can be distributed in a standardized manner, and the deformed body can be restored in a standardized way, so as to recreate a moving three-dimensional curve, and achieve the effect of maintaining a happy body for life. 2. Can body shaping underwear lose weight? Answer: Weight loss does not mean body shaping. In real life, most women are dissatisfied with their body.

Therefore, they persist in fighting against fat for a long time: dieting to lose weight, eating weight loss products, exercising, using a fat shaker, applying various medicines and vegetable oils for massage, surgery for fat breast augmentation, etc., it still takes time .Money. Adverse reactions. Rebound after termination of diligence and many other issues. In fact, fat is the energy source of vitality, and it is also the driving force of "sexiness" for women. At the same time, women's fat can be circulated. The formulation of body shaping underwear is just based on this basic principle, which condenses people's research in theoretical mechanics, body bionics, medicine, aesthetics, fat dissociation, textile technology, computer technology and many other industries. The new effect is designed according to the golden ratio that women's bodies should have in different periods. She can correctly guide the growth direction of fat, return the fat that has been drained, moved, and loose, and at the same time make excessive fat Fat ignites, dissolves, and disappears. Long-term wear can effectively store body fat, spread it in a balanced manner according to the "golden ratio" of the body, and restore the deformed figure in a standardized manner, so as to recreate a moving three-dimensional curve. Figure, and the actual effect of maintaining a happy figure for life.

3. Can body shaping underwear enlarge breasts? Answer: Absolutely. Let's take a look at the physiological structure of a woman's chest: the chest is located on the surface of the pectoralis major muscle and is composed of thyroid, fat and connective tissue. The height of the chest is dominated by the amount of fat in the chest.

By wearing light body shaping clothes, the fat under the arms, armpits and stomach will be concentrated on the breasts, so that the breasts will be naturally plump, and the effect will be multiplied with half the effort. The effective working pressure of the body shaping underwear acts on the chest, which can make the glandular ducts and pedicles in the chest stronger, and has the effect of standing up and clearing the chest. The metabolism of female estrogen can effectively adjust female endocrine disorders. After wearing it properly for 1 to 3 months, your breasts will have surprising changes.

It is suggested that while enlarging breasts and beautifying breasts, attention should be paid to the body shape of the whole body, and one should not neglect it. 4. Can body shaping underwear lift the buttocks? Answer: Absolutely. A smooth stomach and abdominal cavity and a smooth body curve are the main signs of a good figure for women, but due to factors such as aging, gravity, pregnancy, long-term sitting posture, wrong sitting posture, and wrong underwear, the waist and abdomen muscles relax, and then It is easy to accumulate fat and gradually produce cellulite, which will deform the body.

The reasonable working pressure of the waist clip and long trousers of the body shaping underwear can comfortably transfer part of the fat in the abdomen and abdominal cavity to the breast, which is fixed by the underwear, and the other part is dissolved by pricking the skin with the cloth of the body shaping underwear. Physiological work pressure can make the psoas and abdominal muscles strong and get rid of fat living conditions. Generally, after wearing body shaping underwear for 3 months, you can of course have a clear body curve, showing plump breasts and plump buttocks, and your figure will naturally be beautiful! Tips: Proper selection of body shaping underwear, proper wearing methods, and effective wearing time to create The importance of a beautiful body. 5. Who should wear body shaping underwear? Some people think that older women must wear body shaping underwear.

In fact, the function of shapewear is to make your body more curvaceous. The pursuit of perfect curvaceous beauty has no age limit at all. Older women tend to accumulate fat on their bodies. Muscles tend to become slack. Although they need to rely on shapewear to save them, young women should not be lucky. The pressure increases and long-term indoor work is not good. Diet structure... will lead to the deformation of the body, and choosing suitable body shaping underwear can prevent it before it happens.

Some people think that only obese women need to wear shapewear. In fact, the main function of body shaping underwear is not to lose weight, so weight is not the criterion for deciding whether to wear it. Women of all weight should pursue their dream lines, regardless of fat, moderate or too thin. Women should be able to take advantage of it Wear body shaping underwear to show the beauty of your own lines. Therefore, shapewear is not specially formulated for obese women.

Most all adult women must wear body shaping underwear.

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