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Why can't underwear be washed in the washing machine?


1. Why can't I use a washing machine to wash underwear? 1. Previously, the Shanghai Center for Disease Control and Prevention conducted an investigation on 128 washing machines. The data shows that the detection rate of mold in the washing machine tank is 60.2%, the detection rate of bacteria is 81.3%, and the total detection rate of coliform bacteria even reaches 98%. Turns out your washer isn't clean at all.

2. Underwear is close-fitting. We all have a lot of discharge in our underwear every day. We use the washing machine to infect more bacteria, leading to secondary infection.

Science shows that the incidence of mastitis is 3-5 times higher in women who frequently wash their bras in a washing machine than by hand. While most washing machines on the market have a self-cleaning feature that cleans the washing machine regularly, sanitizers won't kill all germs and the washing machine will still hide dirt. There are a lot of bacteria on the coat every day, and the fluff, thread and some extremely small fibers on some clothes can easily stick to the bra.

Sample, when you put on a bra, small fibers stick to the nipples, and in severe cases, even block the breast ducts and cause infection. 3. If the ordinary washing powder used to wash underwear is not clean and thorough, there will be residues. This residue will erode the cells on the surface of the breast and private parts, causing pathological changes, which can easily cause inflammation and gynecological diseases.

To sum up, underwear must be hand washed. Second, what problems should be paid attention to when washing underwear? 1. Check underwear before washing. Check whether the underwear is shedding or damaged as a whole, and if so, it should be sewn up in time.

When cleaning, the underwear basin should be soaked for a period of time, and then washed with cold or lukewarm water. Water that is too hot can discolor underwear and damage the fibers of clothing. 2. Pay attention to cleaning skills.

When washing ODM underwear, you can rub it gently with your hands. The parts with soft circles, rubber bones and beading can be gently brushed with a small soft brush, and then dried with a dry towel or lightly wiped with water. Do not dehydrate to avoid deformation.

3. Wash with professional underwear laundry soap. Many women choose to use washing powder or washing powder when cleaning underwear, but in fact, because it is personal clothes, washing powder and washing powder are irritating and can irritate the skin, so women should choose to use professional underwear when washing underwear Laundry soap. Professional Lingerie Soap is a hypoallergenic, natural stain removal product.

It also contains ingredients that protect clothes and leave them softer and more supple after washing. The foam produced by this substance is relatively small and clean, but it is also effective in avoiding skin irritation from residue. 4. Dry underwear properly.

After the underwear ODM is cleaned, the water pressure on the cup should be dried, and then the surface of the cup should be gently pulled. You can then place it on a clothes rail to dry. To dry, hang underwear upside down to dry.

Avoid exposure to sunlight and do not reverse tumble dry. To dry, button the back row. The straps of the bra should also be flat.

Underwear is also flat and hung together to dry. Do not fold. 5. Underwear must be washed every day.

This must not be lazy. Many people like to wash their underwear together, which is easy to be contaminated by more bacteria, so they should be washed immediately.

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