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Waist Cincher vs Waist Trainer What is the difference?

You may have heard of the terms waist trainer and waist cincher. While some think that these words can be used interchangeably for the same product, there are actually some significant differences between the two types of shapewear.

October 09, 2022

How A Waist Trainer Is Different Than A Waist Cincher? 

As the name suggests, a waist trainer is a type of undergarment that works to gently train your waist into a better shape. It's made of a thick mix of material and sets of flexible steel rods (flexible fabric) for structure, and can be connected at the front of the torso by a set of hooks, a zipper, or velcro.

One widely spread misconception is that a waist trainer is the same as a corset, which uses many more stiff, steel bones (steel boning) and is usually bound with hooks as well as lacing in the back for tightening. Corsets are much more restricting due to their lack of flexible metal and may be uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time, constricting the waistline. Although both waist trainers and corsets work toward the shared result of shrinking your waist, each one provides different experiences, and it’s up to the wearer to decide which is right for them.

How Does Waist Training Work?

Waist training works through weight loss and body contouring. First, it helps to suppress appetite. The wearer becomes more aware of how much food they are consuming by feeling the waist trainer get tighter around their waist, signifying that they may have had enough to eat. A good and healthy dieting strategy is to allow yourself to eat the food you want but decrease the amount, and waist trainers can help keep this in check. Besides weight loss, waist trainers also help to sculpt bodies by redistributing the fat in the torso to other areas, as well as eliciting sweat from the belly area by compressing it and having little ventilation for the heat. Although the molding effects on your body shape from the waist trainer aren't necessarily permanent, wearing it from time to time will ensure that you keep your obtained figure.

How A Waist Cincher Is Different Than A Waist Trainer

A waist cincher is a type of shapewear that's usually made of latex material and helps to reduce the size of one's waist. It can be made with little to no boning, and may be connected through a set of hooks or can be one piece.

How Does Waist Cinching Work?

Waist cinchers work by applying a tight, compressive force to the torso to reduce the size of the wearer's waist.

Waist Trainer Vs. Waist Cincher: Differences And Similarities

Similarity #1: Design

It’s common for waist cinchers and waist trainers to be mistaken for each other since they can look very similar. Both are thick “belts” that wrap around one’s torso and may have different colors or patterns.

Similarity #2: Utility

These two undergarments can both be used to give the wearer an instantaneous, slimmer look - most commonly an hourglass figure. They can be used when attending events or taking pictures for an aesthetically reduced waist.

Difference #1: Material

While both waist cinchers and waist trainers are made with latex, the latter can also be made with material like powernet or even steel. This makes it thicker and more durable, and provides less ventilation for heat. Furthermore, waist trainers have more metal bones for more structure, while waist cinchers have few to sometimes none, making them easier to bend in.

Difference #2: Design

While these two waist slimming tools may look similar, there are some essential design differences between them. While a waist trainer is typically applied with hooks, zippers, or velcro, waist cinchers may have none at all and can be one piece to slip on.

Difference #3: Long-term results

A waist trainer is used to not only provide a quick solution to slim your waist, but also to train your waist to keep its form for longer periods of time. After achieving results from the trainer, a wearer only needs to wear it once in a while to maintain their figure. Conversely, a waist cincher is only used for temporary slimming rather than molding your body because of the lack of structure and its material; however, it may be more suitable for activities like working out due to its pliability.

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