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Hi Welcome to Crazsweat, with more 62 workers we work hard everyday to bring our customers design to life making sure that all the products we make is 100% the best quality we provide for them. Whether is be small or big our team will help bring whatever you like to life until our clients are satisfied.

As you see in the video above in our office tour you can see how we communicate with each other about certain details about our work such as design, customer inquiry, design consultation, logo design etc., we don't consider ourselves as just friends and

colleagues but we consider each other as family helping each other through thick and thin.

When we need a new change of scenery or to just relax we go outside right in front of our offices to just enjoy the mini garden we have and the fish pond or just sit down and listen to the sounds around us with the water running in the background and the birds chirping to help us relax or we work outside so that we have a change of scenery to help us get more ideas to create new products that meets our customers needs whether it be the size, color, design or anything that they would like to ask about for our products.

We do a lot of things together and we work together as a team and as a family if anyone of us falls we stop and help them up so that we all walk together as one, we have do a lot of activities together to help make our bond stronger than ever while also giving ourselves new perspective in life that can also help us during work.

We motivate each other and push each other to our very bests making us learn things we didn't know before while also teaching those who need help making sure that those around us can also understand.

We also like to decorate our office for different seasons or holidays to get into the spirit of the season or the holiday while also coming up with ideas and promotions that can help our customers with their orders

During work we also have an achievements and rewards to give out to our colleagues to keep them motivated such as a game, raffle or a game of luck where they can win a prize if they win and each prize is different each time was that we we are motivated to work hard to win the prizes that is displayed.

From time to time we also have snack breaks to just fill the stomach or to bond while eating, each snack is different from time to time and just to keep things interesting around the office so that we can look forward to what snacks we might be having next. 

A lot of times we have team dinners, team games or team activities to help us relax while also thinking in the point of view of our clients to help us understand them and their needs while also bonding with each other while also helping us understand each other as a family, raising our spirits to also compete against one another in games and we can get really competitive if it calls for it since we know each other well it just makes things interesting if we also compete against each other heheheh don't you guys agree?

Now that we've gone through almost all that we do around the office, how we help each other, how we bond, how we work, how we relax and how we recharge, we are not just colleagues but a family that helps each other in when we need it.


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