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The magic of Christmas

The beauty of Christmas consists of spending time with people we love, of laughing and getting emtional of being grateful. For a lot of people, they don't perceive it as a dull and boring moment which repeats year after year and which many try to avoid. On the contrary, it's the period they wait for the entire year, a moment that makes them feel thrilled and ecstatic. Probably what makes them more euphoric are the expectancy and the preparation of it all, possibly even more than the actual day. Furthermore, many people get excited about decorating the house and wrapping up the presents while imagining people's reaction when they'll open them.

December 24, 2022

I believe in the magic of Christmas, cold weather, hot chocolate, presents, and bright lights cover the world. The beautiful sights and sounds of the Christmas season warm our hearts. 

The dark green Christmas tree is put up in many homes each year and decorated with memorable ornaments by family as we listen to the music of the season. The joy of Christmas brings family and friends closure together.

The magic of the season is amplified for family traditions for this time of year. Each family has different traditions of spending Christmas together doing the usual things they would usually do on Christmas. 

Afterwards they would gather around to exchange gifts and spend the rest of the evening laughing and enjoying each other's company.

For children the magic of Christmas is that long awaited time of the year when Santa Claus appears, when a list of desired toys is shared or letters sent to Santa.

Children have an opportunity for a change, to wait for presents. Christmas becomes a place in time where attitudes are those filled with excitement in anticipation of opening those gift that miraculously appear under the tree.

Christmas is the moment of the year a lot of us prefer, the period of time when everything appears to be magical and we turn kids again.

It's magic manifests in different ways during the festive season. These are Christmas decorations embellishing the house and trees, the fairy lights that lit up the cities' streets and that joy floating in the air. 

Then we have presents, spending time with family and people we care about, the need to share and enjoy the little things. 

And let's not forget the kids' laughter and the excitement, the expectation and the curosity.

Christmas festivities have always been a reason of joy and carefreeness, and maybe that's the reason why a lot of people embrace the arrival of Christmas in a very carefree and hopeful way.

Undoubtedly, a lot love the days preceding Christmas Day, the preparatory work and the sudden transformation of cities and not to mention the songs, Christmas movies, and the choice of presents to buy for friends and family members.

Many personally find Christmas to be the perfect moment to think of others and making the most to bring joy and happiness to those surrounding us.

Besides, it's pleasant to treat ourselves and others to nice experiences, to enjoy every single moment and why not, also dream big. That being said Happy holidays and a Happy New Year!

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