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Not a female star, do I need shapewear?

Women all over the world are probably no strangers to shapewear. In the early days when bras and panties were not very fashionable, most of the stores selling women's underwear were already selling shapewear, making it seem that women seem to have a soft spot for shapewear.

July 04, 2022
Not a female star, do I need shapewear?

Hello!Guys ,welcome to Crazsweat! Some people may say that I don't need to stay in shape, and I'm not a famous actress, so I don't need shapewear!

So don't we need shapewear? Not so. Shapewear should be a must-have for every woman of us.



What are the facts about shapewear?

Regular shapewear on the market does make some beneficial changes to your body shape, but only for a relatively short period of time, such as a cocktail party, an awards ceremony, etc. After taking off the shapewear, if there is no other incentive, the body will mostly reset to its original state.

Do ordinary people need shapewear?

In fact, if you want your body to reach your ideal weight, you can try to diet adjustment and regular exercise, which is always a healthier life than running a knife, taking diet pills or wearing shapewear. 

(Stomach, shoulders, buttocks, shapewear for each area)

How does it lead to beneficial changes in body shape?
Shapewear can transfer or press fat from a certain part of the body to a place that you don't want to be seen by yourself or others. A good quality shapewear can make this transfer, concealment or compression look more perfect and subtle.


The female stars on the red carpet are uniformly firm and full, uniformly smooth and smooth. It is not that they are not born to be destroyed by gravity than us, or that they have done many special sports training, but it is very simple, they are all Wearing shapewear, perhaps wearing a shapewear that is better than us, fits their body better and fits their outerwear, achieves that radiant perfection.

(The "weapon" behind the red carpet female star's slender figure)

Changes in attitude towards shapewear:

In addition to special occasions, women have more demand for shapewear, and it has a lot to do with today's dressing style - there are more and more occasions where you need to wear form-fitting clothes. Slim-fitting formal attire is required to go to work, and occasionally, after get off work, you need to have a glass of wine and a meal with colleagues or partners, and usually wear a skirt that shows your figure. For ordinary people, on slightly special occasions, wearing shapewear will definitely make our hearts more secure.

There is a traditional bra custom shop in Vancouver. The owner of the shop, Melanie Tolkington, once said that the biggest revolution in shapewear today is conceptual. In the past, women were mostly forced to wear corsets, but today they decide to wear them because they are all Out of active personal will.

For women, the way a shapewear makes you feel is more important than how others see you.

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