Crazsweat-The biggest recognition of customers is to show confidence and charm

Knowing exactly what shapewear you want is a key part of body shape management and can boost your confidence when applying it. Debate over whether women use shapewear is important. By the time you finish reading this article, you will know more than the average person.

Crazsweat-The biggest recognition of customers is to show confidence and charm

What can such a full-coverage corset do for you? Who is it suitable for?

The biggest problem surgery patients face is that their prescribed garments aren’t actually made for optimizing results or recovery. They’re provided with garments from their clinic that actually do more harm than good. Clinic-provided garments can decrease glute volume for BBL patients because they compress the sensitive fat transfer area. The same garments often don’t provide enough compression along the midsection, so Lipo & Tummy Tuck patients can recover with permanent wrinkles and an unshapely silhouette. Plastic surgery recovery can only happen once— it needs to happen right the first time or 2nd & 3rd round surgeries WILL have to be considered.

Crazsweat Body Fajas were created with the help of plastic surgeons from the plastic surgery capital of the USA, Miami, Florida. Specifically designed to maximize BBL, Tummy Tuck, and Lipo results.

Crazsweat was born with the mission to offer top-quality garments for women with different styles and needs but that somehow share something in common: the need to feel safe and powerful.

Our compression garments portfolio is specially designed for a vast variety of silhouettes that adapt to every woman's body type. This is to help them find the ideal garment that meets all their needs.

Its biggest feature is that it is invisible enough, even if it is worn in a tight dress, it is not easy to be found. This is the secret of changing the figure, and it is suitable for women to restore their figure after childbirth.

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