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How much do you know about the development history of women's shapewear?

Body sculpting underwear, also known as tight underwear, refers to underwear that corrects and shapes the body shape. It is the underwear with the most professional, technical requirements and highest technical content in underwear. From the prototype of corsets that appeared in ancient times, the chest wrap strips, to today's various types and functions of shapewear, the process is long and bumpy.

September 21, 2022

The rise of corsets originated from the Renaissance in the 16th century. European royal women use thick corsets to form an inverted triangle on the upper body, which contrasts with the puffy skirts of the lower body to reflect the sensuality of women. Princess Caterina of France even wore an iron corset for medical use for the first time, and is called the ancestor of bulletproof vests by modern people.

In the 18th century, soft materials such as canvas, leather and rope were used to make corsets. A large number of whale bones and baleen were embedded in corsets and skirts to change the body curve and staggered knots. Although better than metal, the problem of poor breathing still cannot be solved. European nobles have been bound in corsets day and night since they were young girls. It is common for noble ladies to ask their maids to tie the straps behind them tighter and even fainter. Men feel that this is more pitiful.

Squeeze, squeeze
Squeeze, syncope is victory

The shape and composition of tights in the 19th century basically had modern elements. The eyelets were replaced with metal rings, and Indian rubber and plastic gradually replaced the baleen as the support material, making the tights softer and more comfortable. The tights invented by Mrs. Charlotte in France hold up the chest, and flatten the abdomen in a straight line from the chest to the abdomen. Many triangular cloths are added to express the buttocks. Highlight the roundness of breasts and buttocks, and emphasize the arrival of the "S era" of lordosis.

In the 20th century, when the feminist movement raged, women demanded equal participation in work with men, and cumbersome corsets were once abandoned to make way for lighter bras. Until Dior released the famous "new look" in 1947, with breast enhancement and slender waist as the focus of tailoring, it reawakened women's yearning for beautiful things and silhouettes. The nylon fabric invented by DuPont has replaced the traditional tights material. It is light and strong, with good support and no need to tie. However, due to the limitations of fabric characteristics, nylon shapewear has poor air permeability and unscientific tailoring, making it very restrictive to wear.

In the 21st century, the modern body shaper breaks the extrusion and binding of traditional shapewear, and highlights the lightness, thinness, transparency, comfort, sexy and elegance that modern women pursue, perfect for inner wear. Become an essential underwear for women's daily wear, maintain a good posture and shape the body curve.

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