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How to Wear a Bodysuit: A Modern Wardrobe Essential

Before we dive into how to wear a bodysuit, let’s talk about why you need one in your closet. Has the question of whether to tuck, half-tuck or french-tuck your shirt left you thinking, to tuck or not to tuck? With a bodysuit, you can skip this perplexing step altogether. This wardrobe workhorse is a problem-solving solution that makes getting dressed in the morning that much easier. Not to mention, the versatility of this piece is truly endless—from being a second-skin base layer to a show-stopping statement piece. Just like your favorite pair of jeans or perfect little black dress, a bodysuit is a classic closet must-have.

Wondering if a bodysuit will work on your figure? With a variety of sleeve lengths, necklines, colors and more, we’re confident you will find one that’s right for you. We understand that no two bodies are the same, and with that comes potential fit challenges. Whether you have a long torso or confidently rocking curves, we’ve got you covered.

October 18, 2022

Fit Challenges and Common Concerns

Are there any scenarios that have stopped you from considering a bodysuit? Like, how to wear a bodysuit with a long torso? Say goodbye to unwanted wedgies and hello to a bodysuit extender. When tall sizes are unavailable, bodysuit extenders offer our long torso-ed friends the extra length they need. They simply fasten to the snaps at the bottom of the bodysuit (allowing for easier bathroom breaks) and voilà—problem solved. 

In regards to undergarments, do you need to wear underwear? The answer? Probably not. No need for an added layer, since the bottom half of a bodysuit is the shape of a panty. There are full-coverage options, but we highly recommend trying the thong version to prevent VPL—visible panty lines. This ensures a smooth, line-free finish. If the bodysuit isn’t made from a breathable material, wearing underwear is the way to go. 

Lastly, how the heck do we wear a bra with a bodysuit? It truly depends on its style. The beauty of bodysuits is that many styles accommodate your everyday bra. What about those tricky off-the-shoulder or backless options, you ask? Many bodysuits are slim-fitting and offer a compression-like fit that allows you to go braless. If you’d prefer a bit more coverage, nipple covers are a simple solution while adhesive bras help to add shape and support. 

How to Wear a Bodysuit as a Plus-Size Woman

Gone are the days when plus-sizing clothing was purely focused on functionality. We believe styles and trends are suitable for all body shapes and sizes. A lot of technical knowledge goes into building plus-size garments to ensure a good fit. Let’s kick it up a notch by offering style advice for wearing a bodysuit as a plus-size person.

The curvy female form is something to be celebrated, and a bodysuit is a fabulous medium in which to do so. One of the most universally flattering features of a bodysuit is its seamless silhouette. This helps eliminate unwanted bulky fabric in areas you may prefer to downplay. Take note of the following tips to highlight your favorite features while remaining comfy and confident. 

Bodysuits as Base Layers

Not used to wearing figure-hugging apparel? When considering how to wear a bodysuit, step outside your comfort zone and give a slim-fit option a try. Why, you ask? They’re perfect for layering and can be worn in place of your favorite tank top. Feel free to wear one under a flowy dress with a neckline that requires a base layer for added coverage. A dress with a jean jacket is a match made in heaven, so pull yours out of the closet and slip into heeled booties. You’ll be dubbed the fashionista friend in no time.  

Accentuate Curves in a Bodysuit

Curious how to wear a bodysuit if you prefer to show off your shape? Wear one as a stand-alone piece—with bottoms, of course. Keep an eye out for how high the cut of the leg rises on your hips. You’ll want to match that with the rise of your pants, skirt or shorts. To avoid any skin peeking through the top, opt for high-rise bottoms that cinch at the smallest part of your waist. Tuck this tip into your back pocket if you’re looking for ways to make your hips look wider. Don’t be afraid to flirt with different necklines, too. A deep v-neck will show off coveted cleavage while a trendy square neckline will highlight a striking collarbone.

How to Wear a Bodysuit with Jeans

When looking for guidance on how to wear a bodysuit with jeans, think of it as a balancing act. Contrast a form-fitting bodysuit with looser fit denim like flare or straight-leg. While these more relaxed styles are ultra-trendy right now, if skinny jeans are what you prefer, we say go for it. Skinnies look stellar with tops that have more volume across the bust, in the sleeves or throughout the torso. Grab a dark-wash pair and dress them up with an emerald off-the-shoulder bodysuit sporting a fluttery neckline. Pull up your hair to show off those shoulders and add a touch of sparkle with chunky hoop earrings. 

A solid bodysuit in a neutral color can truly add miles to your styles. It’s a not-so-basic basic that creates an effortless outfit when paired with your favorite jeans. For a contemporary twist on a casual ensemble, try a one-shoulder bodysuit. Opt for distressed boyfriend jeans and crisp white sneakers to pull it all together. Level up this look by wearing a cardigan in a modern way. Instead of draped over both shoulders, tuck one sleeve under your arm and tie it across your bust. Can you say très chic?

How to Wear a Bodysuit with Leggings

Just like those who enjoy comfortable clothes, we jump at any opportunity to wear a stretchy pair of leggings. If you’re baffled about how to wear a bodysuit with leggings, here’s the lowdown on this increasingly popular combo. Similar to a leotard a ballerina would wear, a bodysuit made with moisture-wicking properties is equal parts functional and sleek. When worn under active leggings, this ensemble is suited for any low impact activities like yoga, barre or pilates. Getting physical has never looked so fashionable.

Women’s loungewear is the comfiest trend that is here to stay. A cotton bodysuit paired with leggings made from soft materials like modal or jersey makes for an ideal lounge look. Cuddle up with a chunky cardigan and fleece socks, and you’re ready to relax and recline for a night in. Going out for an ice cream run? Layer with a puffer jacket and high-top sneakers for athleisure vibes at full effect.  

How to Wear a Lace Bodysuit

Ooh là là—looking for ideas on how to wear a lace bodysuit? We’re so glad you asked. Lace exudes femininity and is ideal for any time you’re wanting to walk on the flirty side of dressing. Heading to a party with an evening wear dress code? Play with different textures by styling your lace bodysuit with a silk midi skirt and velvet heels. Wearing a trendy pearl necklace is the cherry on top of this sartorial sundae. 

On your way to girls’ night and trying to figure out how to wear a bodysuit? Take an edgier approach by pairing your solid lace bodysuit with a mini skirt in a fun checkered print. Finish the look with knee-high leather boots, and you’re ready for endless selfies with your gal pals—say cheese. 

How to Wear a Bodysuit to Work

Now that we know bodysuits are street wear, evening wear and loungewear-approved, we’re left with one last question: How to wear a bodysuit to work? A new buzzword that’s popping up on the fashion scene is workleisure. It refers to a blend of workwear and leisure. This is inspired by many of us transitioning from working at home to going back to the office. One article of clothing that’s taking center stage are flowy bottoms. Wide-leg trousers in soft and supple materials are replacing stiff slacks of yesteryear. Ever feel stumped on how to wear wide-leg pants? A fitted bodysuit is the perfect pairing to these loose-fitting bottoms. Add a chunky heel or slip-on mule in a sassy print to wow your coworkers. And just like that, your nine-to-five uniform is anything but boring.

If your office dress code calls for very casual attire, why not jump on the biker shorts trend? A black bodysuit paired with black knee-length biker shorts is sleek and sophisticated—but don’t stop there. What will really tie this outfit together is a longline boyfriend blazer. Go for subtle details like a few layered necklaces and an oversized tote. At last, suede loafers will ensure you stride down the street in style on your way to work. 

Ready to find your best-fitting bodysuit and add this style staple to your collection of closet essentials? If you are looking for a bodysuit manufacturers, Crazsweat is your best choice, as one of the best wholesale bodysuit supplier.

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