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Sincere feedback from our customer

We continuously improve the techniques to ensure that our waist trainers is high-quality and is breathable as well as comfortable. With 9 steel bones it will definitely help give you support and giving you a good posture making you look slim, the 3 row hook adjustments and secure closure makes sure that the belt piece is fastened tightly around the stomach, the belt piece not removable.

Customer Story: I wasn't confident with myself I tried different diets, and different exercise routines, and at some point, I didn't eat much but I couldn't seem to lose the weight that I didn't like. It made me very insecure about myself and it made me think I wouldn't be able to get my desired body shape, it seemed to me like I was gonna do something reckless at some point because society made me believe my body shape wasn't good enough to meet the standards they created but thanks to my friends and family's encouragement I was able to leave that thought behind and find ways to accept myself but due to me being busy with work I wasn't able to go through with my plan to lose weight, So I started finding ways to help me lose weight or slim my waist my friends suggested I try shapewear or waist trainers.


I thought about what they suggested but I didn't have time to go out to buy one myself and didn't want to keep trying them on since I didn't know my size for waist trainers or shapewear and I didn't know how to put them on either so I decided to leave it for a while and just focus on my work for a bit and find time to check one out myself.


After a while I did find time to check some waist trainers and shapewear, I found it hard to put on at first, it hurt my fingers when I was trying to hook them together but it was alright if it can help me lose weight or have a slimmer figure.

I bought one waist trainer to try, I got the size I found comfortable and I was so excited to try to wear it. I wore it every day for about 2 hours for the first week just to get used to it but over time it wasn't comfortable and it started getting hard to breathe even though I only put it on the first level (I didn't gain weight during this time) and not even a week later it broke I was devastated as I hoping to see the effect of wearing a waist trainer. I bought different waist trainers from different shops near me and online but I wasn't satisfied with them, the quality wasn't good it didn't last long and the sizes didn't fit me properly even though I measured myself properly and got the right size listed in the size chart, I decided to not give up and searched for waist trainer shops near me and online.


I came across Crazsweat and I browsed through their website and found lots of designs and styles, it intrigued me so I browsed through their collection and found some I like, and I decided to contact them, I was surprised by how fast they responded I did read that they have a 24-hour customer service but I didn't expect it to be that quick. I contacted them and they were professional and friendly, I told them what I wanted and asked for their suggestions they understood and asked me some very simple questions and they gave me suggestions and recommendations. I was really happy with the customer service.


I listened to what they told me and got the ones they suggested and recommended to me, the price wasn't too expensive or overboard, they listed the estimated day that it would arrive and sure enough it did come within that time and I couldn't be more thrilled to find that the quality of the waist trainers was high quality it was just like the picture on their website and true to their word about the product and I was so excited to try them on and when I did it was really comfortable and I was able to breathe properly.


I couldn't stop smiling and started wearing it every day for 30 days each day increasing the time of wearing it and after 30 days I was happy to find that my waist had slimmed and I lost the weight I was trying so hard to lose. I'm really happy with the results and quality of the waist trainers that I started buying more and recommending them to my friends and they too love them from the style and design to the quality of it.


If anyone asks me for a recommendation for a waist trainer or shapewear I will 100% recommend Crazsweat. They have fast delivery and excellent customer services and after-sales services.

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