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Four advantages of sports underwear


For girls who love sports, sports bras are very important. Nowadays, many girls who love beauty like to keep in shape through exercise and fitness, but many girls also have such doubts. Why do you have to wear a sports bra when exercising? What are the benefits of wearing a sports bra? If women do not wear sports bras during exercise, the chest will be vigorously exercised for a long time, which will not only cause chest pain, but also easily cause chest atrophy.

Therefore, when women are exercising at high intensity, wearing a well-fitting sports bra is an effective protection for the chest. Learn about wearing sports bras There are four basic reasons: 1. More comfortable In general choose the right underwear, even if you wear underwear, you should still feel comfortable. But sports have very high requirements for comfort.

Just a little bit of discomfort can often have unwanted consequences for you. Pilates, boxing cardio or weight training, etc., you will often bend your torso, at this time, you will want your sports bra without wire or elastic wire. In this case, sports bras are much more comfortable than traditional underwear.

In addition to steel rings, sports underwear will be softer, skin-friendly, moisture-absorbing, and sweat-wicking than ordinary underwear. Depending on your needs, you always have a more comfortable sports bra option. In addition, because sports bras were originally designed to reduce shaking during exercise, the chest will not feel uncomfortable.

2. Reduce shaking Chest shaking caused by high-intensity exercise can cause severe pain, especially if your breasts are particularly sensitive. Sports underwear has many unique designs to reduce shaking during exercise. As long as you wear appropriate sports bras, you can reduce shaking and feel the support and security that sports bras give you.

3. Anti-slip shoulder straps Imagine, if you are showing your talents in the process of boxing and aerobic, and the shoulder straps of the underwear keep slipping off your shoulders, would you want to take off the underwear on the spot and throw it aside? In the design of all sports bras, the shoulder straps of sports bras are designed to be non-slip. Like cross straps or race straps, you don't have to worry about the straps slipping off your shoulders during any intensity activity. Even if you opt for the plain strap design, as long as it's a well-fitting sports bra, this kind of thing won't happen.

While your everyday underwear might not slip off in some cases, sports bras are better suited for high-intensity activities. In addition to the strap structure, the shoulder straps may also be thickened or have extra padding for stability and comfort. 4. Protect the chest Studies have shown that the movement distance of unprotected breasts during running can reach 15 cm, of which 50% belong to up and down movements, and 25% belong to left and right movements and front and rear movements.

If things go on like this, it may induce chest pain and breast atrophy. It can be seen that female friends must not ignore the feeling of breasts during strenuous exercise, and must take protective measures, otherwise the consequences will be very serious. Sports bras protect your breasts better than regular bras.

The function of ordinary underwear is mainly to reshape and improve the appearance of breasts, while the purpose of sports underwear is to minimize the movement of female breasts during exercise and reduce the impact of strenuous exercise on breasts.

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