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Seven things that should be strictly prohibited in maintaining the chest


Women pay great attention to breasts. Having a tall and satisfying breast is the ideal of many female friends. However, in addition to natural growth and development of this type of breast, a lot of it depends on maintenance in the later stage, so that they can be beautiful, healthy and beautiful. Rest assured, what should we pay attention to in breast maintenance? Clothes tailor-made manufacturers have summed up seven things that must be strictly prohibited in breast maintenance: 1. Do not squeeze the breasts with super force: the breasts are squeezed by external force, which has two disadvantages. cause growth. The second is that after being squeezed by external force, it is easy to change the external appearance, causing the raised chest to sink and relax. The sleeping position should be correct, preferably lying flat, and try not to sleep sideways in one direction for a long time, as it is easy to squeeze the breasts, and it is also easy to cause unbalanced breast development on both sides.

2. Do not wear unsuitable bras: Wearing a bra should not feel oppressive, and it is advisable to choose a model that can cover all sides of the breast. Bra straps should not be too loose or too tight. The raised part of the bra is moderately spaced. If the raw material of the bra is made of cotton, it is not suitable to use chemical fiber fabrics.

3. Do not stimulate the breasts with low-temperature or hot bath water: the blood vessels around the breasts are full of blood vessels. Stimulation by hot or low-temperature bath water will loosen the breast subcutaneous tissue and cause dry skin. 4. Don't let the breasts and nipples not be cleaned: be sure to clean the breasts frequently. 5. Don't go on a diet too much to lose weight: Most of the internal organs of the breast are fat.

If you go on a diet for better slenderness, it will cause underdeveloped breasts. 6. Do not use hormones for breast enlargement: girls are in the prosperous stage of growth and development, and the uterus and ovaries actually secrete a lot of estrogen. If estrogen drugs are used, although they can promote breast development, they are latent at the same time. Or some extremely bad risk sources, it is likely to increase the probability of cancer in the thyroid, vagina, and uterine body. 7. Do not use breast enhancement cream for a long time: breast enhancement products generally use substances with more estrogen, which can be slowly absorbed by the skin when applied on the skin, so as to make the breast plump. disadvantages.

However, if used for a long time, alternate use of different types of breast enhancement creams will have adverse effects, such as menstrual disorders, hyperpigmentation, skin hyperplasia and softening, and bile sweat acid.

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