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Customer story and feedback

Before I write my opinions and review about the product I bought from Crazsweat and how they became my favorite brand but first let me tell you how I came to find them and my story.

Customer story and feedback

I’m a fan of shapewear and waist trainers I pretty much wear them every day to the point I don’t take them off unless I go to bed or clean myself for the day, I have a lot of shapewear and waist trainers that I use for different occasions and events most of the time I wear them even if I’m not really going anywhere or just lounging around my house the whole day doing absolutely nothing at all. I like working out just to keep fit and healthy I feel confident and good about myself when I work out to also keep my figure while also showing off my curves.

I bought from different brands both good and bad quality, comfortable and uncomfortable in different sizes, colors and designs, I style them with different outfits for different occasions or just simple outfits like yoga clothes just around the house or use one to work to give me the support I need when I’m sitting in the office the whole day usually I would get a waist trainer that has more steel bones to give me the support I need and to correct my posture.

I know a lot of people will ask why I need a waist trainer with a lot of steel bones or they will ask why I even need a waist trainer in the first place, well the thing is I have really bad posture even and having a waist trainer with a lot of steel bones helps me have a straight back and when I sit down it helps me sit up straight so I don’t have a slouched back while sitting the whole day.

As I mentioned above I’m a waist trainer and shapewear fan I wear it a lot and I’ve come across many good and bad brands of waist trainers  and shapewears and by now I know how to tell a good quality waist trainer and shapewear from a far. I have a few selections of waist trainers myself that I love but I can’t say the same for others when it comes to the design and quality whether it be the steel bone or the fabric composition. Normally I become serious when it comes to something I love or enjoy and that’s the same for waist trainers and shapewear and the thing I like about it is the application of it for example of easy it is to put on and how it shows and improves my curves.

At most I only have very few waist trainers and shapewear that is good quality and comfortable when I wear one and I find it hard to find a brand that gives me both comfort and showing off my curve yet also stylish and easy to pair with like jeans, skirt, dresses, etc., 

Until one of my friends recommended a brand to me, they told me that they have really good customer service, good quality shapewear, waist trainers, sportswear, and many more. When I heard that it perked my interest because I’m a fan of it duh so I asked if they have a website that I can take a look at, she nodded and sent me the link for the website.

When I saw their collection it surprised me to see the variety they have from waist trainers to shapewear and bodysuits to corsets and many other products. It honestly interested me but seeing that they’re a factory and have a required MOQ alone made me a little hesitant but I decided to inquire about it. I didn’t know how fast they would respond since I didn’t know where they are based and also the time difference and it surprised me when they answered within 12 hours.

They were professional and patient when I asked questions and they also gave me advice and suggestions which I find was so nice of them to go out of their way to do, I was relieved to know that they accepted a low MOQ for the products I wanted and I ordered quite a bit honestly and it was also surprising to me that all of it was affordable with shipping cost included, the shipping cost is a little pricey but that is to be expected since I wanted it to arrive as fast as possible and it did.

When it arrived I was excited to open the box and when I did I took one immediately to try one I was shocked and happy that the waist trainer and shapewear were not only comfortable but it was also really high quality it also fitted me like a glove and it also looked like the picture which is fantastic to know. It was quick and also affordable and if anyone asks me to recommend a waist trainer or shapewear brand to them I would 100% recommend Crazsweat as of now they became my favorite brand and I will be buying more in the future.

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