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Buyer story

I first started with samples from different brands just to test the quality and durability of the product I also tried different samples from some of my friends and business partners, some were either quality or have the style I like but somehow didn’t satisfy me when there isn’t something that doesn’t suit my style or my customer's style. 

Buyer story

So I tried looking for different types of shapewear that can satisfy me while also meeting my clients' needs if I did find one that did meet my standards or my clients' standards it would be either the quality is good or the design is good but neither would have both so I find it hard to find both that is good quality and has the design I like or my clients like.


Sometimes the size would not fit even though the sizes are the size I chose would be either too big or too small which disappoints and frustrates me a lot since I have a lot of orders from clients for specific shapewear that we used to sell but the supplier that used to make it stopped making it so I had to look for different suppliers.


I searched for a while to find the right supplier but none of them would meet my standards for the product. We sell a wide variety of shapewear and waist trainers but shapewear is one of our popular products that our customers like so we mostly sell shapewear instead of waist trainers.


If I do find a supplier that can meet my standards the shipping fee would be too high or it would take too long to ship the products I ordered or the MOQ would be too high so that alone disappoints me since I have many clients asking me about a certain product and time is limited and so is my clients’ patience.


After searching for a while I came across Crazsweat’s website after searching for suppliers that can meet my and my client's standards. I browsed through their website and saw that they sell a wide variety of shapewear, waist trainers, corsets, bodysuits, lingerie as well as sportswear for both men and women.


They have a wide variety of styles in different sizes and colors which was fantastic for me since I have clients that were interested in the style and color and it perked my interest even more and put them on my list of suppliers plus I didn’t know whether or not they would respond or if they were still selling the products so I was still a little hesitant to contact them so I decided to contact the day after and see what more they have in their collection.


I contacted them the next day and it surprised me how fast they responded, they were patient with me when I asked them questions like the material, price, customization, and design they also gave give suggestions based on the questions I asked them which was a huge help to me. It helped me find the perfect shapewear that met my and my client's standards.


I first started with a sample with different shapewear to test the quality and durability of the product, I ordered a few in different sizes and colors and the shipping cost was a little pricey but that is to be expected since I wanted it to arrive as soon possible but luckily they gave me a discount for it so the total price was a little less.


When it arrived I had high expectations about the shapewear I ordered from them and my expectations were met, not only was it good quality it was also really comfortable and cooling to the skin it was just like the amazing picture.


Ever since then Crazsweat became a long-time supplier and they don’t disappoint, they have good professional services and after-sale services which are a great help to me when I need to ask about things after I received the goods and they even sent me complimentary gifts which were so sweet of them to do and I would 100% recommend Crazsweat to anyone.

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