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Customer feedback and story

Customer feedback and story

Customer story: I was used to buying shapewear and wearing it a lot and it actually helped me lose weight by wearing it every day without exercising a lot. I’m an office worker and I can’t really find the time to go out and exercise to keep in shape until one of my friends introduced me to shapewear after I got the first one I was hooked, I would wear it underneath all my clothes to slim and outline my figure and throughout the times I’ve been wearing shapewear I would lose weight slowly which was totally fine with me.


As I mentioned above I’m an office worker and I normally have to meet a lot of clients so I became a little insecure about myself since growing up I’ve been told that I’m fat and needed to lose weight I guess that sort of became a sensitive topic for me even as an adult I still feel like that is a sensitive topic and when shapewear was introduced to me I was really happy, luckily there was one shop that sells shapewear at an affordable price near me it wasn’t really that far either so it was a plus.


I first went there to just see what it looked like and see if any would be able to fit me as well as to see the material composition. I found one that I liked and thought felt comfortable for me, as soon as I got home I immediately tried them on and they fit me perfectly but I didn’t get the comfort I was looking for and I left like I couldn’t breathe well even and some days I could breathe fine. I was disappointed when I found out that I couldn’t fit in it anymore and when I went out to the store to buy another one I was shocked to find that the shop wasn’t in business anymore and there weren’t any shops that sell shapewear near me.


So I had to order online which was sort of a hard task for me since you don’t know whether or not the product is good quality or not and if they fit you properly, I decided to take the risk and order online and ordered according the size chart and waited for the order to arrive and when it arrived I wanted to try it on and when I did I felt like it didn’t fit me properly so I tried ordering again and it was either good quality but didn’t fit me properly or it was uncomfortable.


I decided to search more online and then I came across Crazsweat so I decided to check them out they sell a wide variety of shapewear, corset, waist trainers, and some sportswear.


I decided to contact them and they soon contacted me back in less than 12 hours they were helpful as well, answered my every question, and were patient with me as well. They gave out suggestions and advice about what size I should get and the type that matched my body type as well as my figure which was really helpful to me. They had a required MOQ but luckily they accept low MOQ so I decided to order 5 pieces in different colors for me to try on different occasions, it was affordable and the shipping cost are also reasonable so it was alright for me.

My order arrived a week later which wasn’t so bad in my opinion and the packaging was neat as well, I first opened one to try on and when I did it felt really nice on the skin, it was really comfortable and cooling on the skin it felt like a second skin and I could fit in it properly. It really was comfortable and I wore it almost every day and I lost a lot of weight with it. I can now fit in a size smaller than the one I had previously ordered and I’m happy with it, I will continue to buy more from them and recommend it to anyone who asks if I know of any good recommendations for shapewear or waist trainer I will 100% recommend Crazsweat waist trainer manufacturer.

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