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How to put on a waist trainer?


For example, a sweater doesn't fit your body tightly. Whether your tummy is flat or round, you can easily fit a size M. However, that's not the case with waist trainers.

If you have a naturally round tummy, you may need to go up a size or even two on your waist trainer. Waist trainers wrap tightly around your waist and you really need the right size, otherwise your waist trainer will be very uncomfortable, or the waist trainer may not even fit properly. Waist trainers are not meant to be handled with great force.

Doing so may mean that you pull the hook out of the waist trainer, or the cage pop out of the waist trainer. Waist trainers do not have infinite stretch. We will assume for now that you have purchased the correct size Colombian Waist Trainer.

Take the waist trainer out of the package and unhook the hooks one by one. Wrap the waist trainer around your waist. The waist trainer label should be on the top of your back.

Hold the ends of the waist trainer in each hand. When holding the sides of the waist trainer in a normal position, there should be about 10-15 cm of space between the ends of the waist trainer. If there is more than 15 cm of space, the waist trainer may be too small.

If there is less than 10cm of space, the waist trainer is probably too large, which means you can easily adjust the waist trainer to the second or third set of hooks after wearing it for the first time. Obviously, you don't want this, After confirming the distance between the ends of the waist trainer, you can fasten the waist trainer. Always secure the waist trainer from the top.

To make it easier on yourself, it helps to stand in front of a mirror the first few times. This way you can see what you are doing. Gently pull the ends of the waist trainer toward the center.

Continue pulling until you can place the first hook on the corresponding buckle. Heck, it's hard.you might start sweating.

The first hook is always the hardest. Then you can move on to the second hook. Repeat the exact same steps.

Gently pull the sides of the waist trainer until you can place the second hook over the buckle and secure it. From there you can move on to the third hook until you're done with all the hooks. You'll find that the further you go, the latex waist trainer.

Another method you can use is to lie on your back. If you feel that wearing a belt while standing is too tiring, you can choose to wear it lying down. This is especially helpful for women with a little belly.

Your stomach is at its flattest when you're lying down, which makes it easier to put on a waist trainer. The only downside is that there is no mirror, so it can only be fixed blindly. Wrap the waist trainer around your waist first, then lie on your back on the bed or sofa.

Grab the ends and gently pull the waist trainer until you can place the first hook on the buckle. Repeat for the second hook, then move to the third hook until you reach the end of the waist trainer. As a professional waist trainer supplier in China, Crazsweat offers the best wholesale waist trainer for wordlwide customers.

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