Can Cardio Exercise Help You Lose Weight and Lose Water or Fat?


First, we need to understand the relationship between the human body's energy supply system. The three major energy supply systems of the human body during exercise are the phosphate system, the lactic acid system and the aerobic oxidation system. 1.

Phosphorogen system. An energy supply system consisting of ATP and CP. The maximum power output of ATP can be maintained for about 2 seconds; CP can maintain about 3-5 times of ATP at maximum power output.

2. Lactic acid energy system. The lactate energy system refers to the energy system in which glycogen or glucose in the cytoplasm synthesizes ATP during anaerobic decomposition to produce lactate.

The maximum energy supply rate or output power is 29.3 J•kg-1•s-1, and the energy supply duration is about 33s. 3.

Aerobic oxidation system. The aerobic oxidation system refers to the energy system that resynthesizes ATP during the complete oxidation of sugars, fats and proteins into water and carbon dioxide in cells. Through the above, I explained the process of the human body's consumption system, so the old irons who want to lose fat, then our whole training process comes out, first simple warm-up, the purpose is to let the joint body secrete bursa fluid and muscles to increase flexibility Spend.

Next, we need to use our phosphate system and lactate energy supply system to consume blood sugar, while driving the aerobic system for glycogen and fat consumption. At the same time, due to the rapid rise of body temperature, the body will regulate body temperature by sweating in the form, so it does not mean that sweating more will consume more fat, but if you do, you will not lose weight. Do not exercise, so aerobic exercise will make you thin, but you still need anaerobic training, aerobic training will be the best! When doing aerobic exercise, it is recommended to wear Crazsweat's yoga pants, which can better shape and maintain your body.

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