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Correctly choose and wear shapewear, and change into a good figure in seconds


Just after giving birth, in order to breastfeed, you must take in sufficient nutrition every day; in order to take care of the baby, and lack free time to exercise, this is really a torment for a mother who wants to get back in shape quickly! In addition to diet control, mothers can also use shapewear to help shape body curves. Postpartum body shaping, starting from weight control during pregnancy Most pregnant mothers often think that weight gain during pregnancy is normal, but in fact there are certain control requirements for weight gain during pregnancy, and the weight loss period and shapewear have their best time, mothers should pay attention to it. Prenatal obesity can also lead to difficulty in postpartum weight loss Pregnant women who are plump before delivery will also have a plump body after delivery, which will lead to more time spent on postpartum body shaping.

Usually overweight during pregnancy is usually caused by poor physical fitness and eating habits. The weight of pregnant women in the first trimester usually does not increase much; the weight of the second trimester is about 10 kg more than before pregnancy; as for the third trimester, it is 10-15 kg more than before pregnancy. Pregnant women who exceed this standard should pay more attention and eat less sweets, high-fat, and high-calorie foods. Eating too much may not only cause the fetus to be too large, but also make it more difficult to lose weight after delivery.

The best time for body shaping after childbirth The best time for body sculpting is between 1 month and 6 months after delivery, because the body's metabolism is better just after delivery, and after 6 months of delivery, the body's metabolism will gradually stabilize, and the fat that has not been metabolized will be more stable If you start to lose weight at this time, it is easy to appear stagnant period of weight loss. Although you can still lose weight in the future, it will get twice the result with half the effort. When to wear shapewear is more appropriate After giving birth, the uterus will not return to the pelvic cavity immediately, but will still stay near the navel. After 1 week, the uterus will gradually retreat into the pelvic cavity; after 4 weeks after delivery, the uterus will return to its original size.

For mothers who want to wear corsets to sculpt their figure, it is more appropriate to start wearing them one week after giving birth at the earliest; in case the uterus is still shrinking and the uterus is squeezed by external force, the mother may feel uncomfortable. Tips for choosing shapewear 1. Before buying shapewear, you must try it on on the spot. The main considerations are comfort, tightness, and freedom of movement. 2. After wearing it, the skin will not be allergic, it will not itch or rash, it is the shapewear that is suitable for you. Everyone is allergic to different items or materials. What suits her may not be suitable for you. Wearing it yourself will not cause allergies It's the most accurate.

3. The vulva should be ventilated so as not to affect the discharge of perineal wounds and lochia. How to Wash Shapewear 1. It should be washed with clean water below 30°C. It is recommended to wash by hand as it will not damage the fabric, and the clothes must be put in after the washing powder is completely dissolved; if the washing powder is sprinkled on the clothes, the fluorescent agent will adhere to it , often easily cause clothing discoloration. (If you want to use a washing machine to wash, you must put it in a laundry net and wash it with a weak water flow.

The washing time should not be too long, and the clothes may be discolored due to the chlorine contained in the tap water. ) 2. It is best to choose weak alkaline or neutral detergent, and try not to use bleach, so as not to damage the elastic fiber. 3. Do not twist and wring the shapewear, but use a large bath towel to press the water in the shapewear until it does not drip, and try to dry it as much as possible.

4. After washing, just place it in a ventilated place to dry in the shade without dehydration to avoid deformation of clothes.

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